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Try to disassociate the following photo from Római Part, Budapest. Legs this pasty white have no place in conveying the chilled out vibe that is this (somewhat) hidden gem along the banks of the Danube. They are my legs, so please be kind if you feel compelled to comment. I know that kindness rules on the interweb, so I expect nothing less.












The following photo does a much better job at telling you how Római Part makes you feel (boob pillow neither supplied nor included to my knowledge). Listening to the water, drinking lemonade or beer, singing along to the music softly playing from the ruin pubs scattered along the river, and things generally related to such low-key and relaxed activities, are what one finds along the part of the Danube bank known as Római Part.


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I had been hearing of Római Part since before my move to Budapest, but this was my first visit. We went on a wonderful day that saw cool summer breezes. Prior to this weather, Budapest had been experiencing a heat wave of sorts. I can picture beer drinking throngs trying to kill the heat in the early evening during the canicular days. Due to the cooler weather and our early arrival on a Sunday morning, we were lucky to find smaller and calmer crowds, which is more to my liking. It was quiet enough to just sit and listen to the waters of the Danube lapping against the riverbank.

Apart from relaxing, a large part of what happens on Római Part is bicycling, but it is also a great place to walk (just keep an eye out for overly zealous bicyclists). People also go boating. There are a number of places along the riverside to rent kayaks, canoes or sculling/rowing boats. We chose lunch and relaxation over this, and it was funny to watch some of the passing boaters look at the beer drinkers with envy.

We ate at Fellini Kultúrpart. The food was good, a bit on the pricey side considering the portion, but everything was made fresh with above par ingredients. My wife had a chicken and pesto panini. This was chosen because of my allergy to pesto made with pine nuts. She does this to keep me from sampling her food. She is tricky like that. My son had frankfurters with chips/fries. I had fish and chips. It was not the commonly known British style of fish and chips, but it was good and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. We also had lemonades, which were one of the standouts of the meal.

Nap Bácsi is just next door to Fellini Kultúrpart. We didn’t try the food but our son did try the kid’s area, which apart from his enthusiastic fun, I rated a firm excellent. It was very basic, but it had everything most kids could want. There was a rope ladder, a treehouse, a colorful tire obstacle course and a very small branch tunnel. He easily enjoyed 30 minutes there, and it was the grown up stomachs that moved us away from that action. Although the following photo is a bit out of focus, you can definitely see a smile on his face.














He had so much fun there (again, see above photo) that we are actually considering going back for his birthday party.

Skipping rocks was also a common past-time at Római Part. There is only my eye-witness account to be believed here, but I wasn’t half bad. My wife, and she will readily admit this, was never one to have the rock skip 4 or 5 times like her late father made them skip. Our kid is still getting the hang of it, but his technique was coming along nicely.

Római Part is firmly in its ‘faded glory’ phase, but this is part of the obvious charm. Never mind I found an abandoned building that had dive bar written all over it. Well, that would be ruin pub in these parts, but they do share some things in common. Here it is.


Photo 26-07-15 13 15 29









My wife & I also collectively spotted a rundown building that had us both chomping at the bit. It has that old Socialist worker’s holiday resort feel to it, and we are sucker for anything that circles that designation. It also has a toe dipped in Brutalist architecture waters, and that was the final nail in the coffin. No, we aren’t going to buy it and fix it up, but it would be a beauty if it was restored to some sort of its former glory. Don’t laugh when you see it. The potential is there. Just look at those drapes and the cool overhang.


Photo 26-07-15 13 22 03









This isn’t the best photo by any means (I didn’t take a shot from the front), but you should really go down and see all of Római Part for yourself. It’s worth a quiet Sunday morning, or a late Friday night, or whenever you happen to find yourself there.

On a side note, if you do want to invest in property on or near Római Part, I say do it now, as you can see the very first signs of gentrification creeping in. None of the really negative aspects of it are there yet, but I imagine prices will be going up over the years to come. For now though, there are plenty of little plots that are nothing more than a private place to store a rowboat and a hammock. Fingers crossed it stays like that for a while.

As a parting shot, enjoy the Hungarian band known as Middlemist Red. Here is their video for Multicoloured Drive. Try to somehow see the house in the video as the what we imagined for the place in the photo above. We aren’t totally crazy. Just a bit. And who knows, I might just get around to opening up that dive bar/ruin pub one day.

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