The Other (Closer) Statue Park

A good number of visitors to Budapest visit Memento Park just outside of Budapest. For a westerner, these preserved examples of Communist era statues can be quite fascinating. However, there is another statue park much nearer to the city centre, and for me at least, nearly as fascinating. These statues express some common Communist themes, but some of them are more generally sports related for the obvious reasons (see below).

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I don’t know if this park has an official name, and it possibly doesn’t, as it is actually a jogging track and sports field that runs around and between the statues respectively. It is situated very near the Puskás Ferenc Stadium metro stop, between the Puskás Ferenc Stadium and the Papp László Sports Arena. It is well maintained and really something to see. I recommend making the trip on a sunny day in during spring or summer. My son and I often go here for a walk, and there are almost always a number of joggers making their way around the track. We have even run into a large group playing Ingress. I spoke to one of the Ingress players, and they admitted that even though they lived somewhat nearby, they had never know about the statues, jogging track of sports field (this is not a comment about the general interests or knowledge of your average Ingress player).

DSC_0018 DSC_0013 DSC_0009 DSC_0002














I should stress that this area is free of charge, and that there is even on-site parking. I highly recommended this trip just outside the city centre of Budapest, not far from the Keleti (Eastern) Train Station, especially in light of the fact that you can combine it with a few other nearby destinations that worth a visit as well.


*This site tends to be inaccessible if there are events going on at either the stadium or arena.

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