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Light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully it’s not an oncoming train). The builder dudes are now gone, and it’s our turn now to dress up the flat they built for us. The mysterious pictures below are just little snapshots from the accelerating project, as we are meticulously piecing together the best little pied-à-terre in town.

New year, new colour

New year, new colour

Waiting for your suitcase...

Waiting for your suitcase…









Prepared for all eventualities

Prepared for all eventualities

Medieval torture devices at your service

Medieval torture devices at your service










There are last-minute snags, such as our upstairs neighbour slowly moisturising our freshly painted bathroom ceiling with a neglected leak and other minor headaches. Naturally, it would be cool if these just decided to stop coming along on our fun-filled journey of property development. But I must say we were lucky to find the perfect flat and good peeps to work with so we really do not have much to complain about so far. Or maybe we are doing something right.

In the meantime, the business side of things is picking up too, so no rest for the wicked. While we instruct joiners and hunt down the last bits of missing furniture for our own property, Street & River’s property consulting grew from passion into a solid job. We have developed our independent property consultancy service, which keeps us proper busy and very happy, as we like nothing more than snooping at other people’s homes.

Remember the post when I was going on about mops and ladders? Here’s a good one.

27 Bathroom







Joke aside, we basically offer to be the eyes, ears and mouth for foreigners and expats who don’t speak the language, feel daunted by the task of buying a flat in Budapest, or just simply can’t be here to do the legwork. It’s so much fun! Two of our clients are about to seal their deals, which is very exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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