Picking up the pieces

Close friends and family are already aware of the sad and tragically sudden family loss we have gone through recently. It’s hard to write about such things in a public blog, but we have two reasons to do so. Firstly, our posts have stopped for a while and we’re only just starting to get back to normal. We have lost a couple of readers and would like you to make sure to click on that little button on the bottom right and follow us to see how we’re doing. If you were following us already but stopped receiving updates, please re-subscribe, as your subscription may have been erased when we left WordPress for our very own shiny new domain. We’re now back to the drawing board and ready to hit the keyboard again.

Secondly, but most importantly, it is because this blog was created to document the birth and continual progress of our business, and my late father was our biggest fan and our rock; he was there at every milestone with a kind word and good advice. Besides his generosity, gentle humour and love, his seemingly endless knowledge and hands-on help with every conceivable kind of repair, household emergency and most everything in life are also sorely missed.  Suddenly, everything feels more daunting and overwhelming.

He was always so worried for us, not because he has ever doubted that we are able to succeed, but because he hated for us to worry and stress. He always wanted us to get everything with the least trouble possible. He was also always tinkering on something to make our lives easier, often without us noticing that there’d been a problem in the first place. If there’s a heaven, my dad is probably sitting on a cloud worrying about us not finding the fuse box or the right screw driver to tighten the thingummybob or the whatsitscalled.  So we’ll just have to try to keep the Street & River machine rolling without his ever-busy hands and make sure we don’t do anything he wouldn’t do. Although I feel that any amount of self-pity is totally justified right now, we have now decided that our enterprise has to be successful not just for us and our future, but also in memory of him. There is simply no other option.

Of course there have been a few developments in the past few weeks, and keeping busy with work and spending time with a special little someone made the unbearable a little bit more bearable. So here is a picture of that special someone, who loves to pitter-patter in the lovely pad we’re preparing for Street & River’s visitors, and explore all the dusty corners there are!







As you can see, the kredenc, which we purchased back in October (read all about it here), has made it to the property and it seems it already has a resident pixie in it. We promise to get the little squatter out in good time before our first visitors arrive. But he has some time still: we’re now negotiating with the builders who in the next two months will re-wire all the electric cables, re-do all the plumbing, move walls and doors, put down tiles, unwarp window frames, tear up old and lay down new parquet, paint, wallpaper and polish… The good news is that they seem to have agreed to save our favourite period detail: the original 1950s red and white checkerboard floor tiles adorning the hallway and kitchen.

Christmas is coming and we’ve got all prepared before the big day by now: fish in the fridge, walnuts ground, presents wrapped… Yep, that’s right, Hungarian kids are lucky, because Santa (well, Baby Jesus) and the pressies come a day earlier here than in the English speaking world. We’ll tell you all about this and our first Christmas in our new Hungarian home in the next blogpost.

Have a blessed Christmas wherever you are.

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