Not to jinx it, but here’s a little sneak preview

Some of you may already suspect that we’ve been quiet because we’re busy. Some of you may already have guessed what with. We may have fallen in love. We may have said yes. We may as well be super excited… Here are a couple of mysterious photos to whet your appetite.


Hiding behind foliage is not easy in October




This is not a swimming pool. And it’s not even ours.


Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt – Those who rush across the sea change their sky, not their soul. ― Horace, The Odes of Horace


Street and River. Literally.


The Hood.

More pictures and info to come, but we need to feed the pencil-pushers and ink-lickers of the Republic of Hungary first. We will definitely keep you posted as we get down to the nitty-gritty of turning this place into the best place to be.

I know this is still pretty enigmatic, but do let us know what you think so far!

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One Response to “Not to jinx it, but here’s a little sneak preview”

  1. lizstainforth Says:

    Here in the Gallery with Ruth, missing you guys, and very excited to see more…

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