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We have been incorporated! We are delighted to let you know that the journey has begun and Street & River Limited is eager to start operation. We have a business plan ready and are now frantically working on market research and developing our services.

Who are we? People with infectious enthusiasm for travel and discovering culture, history, heritage, food, people and life abroad. Clayton, a printer by trade, had moved to England all the way from Texas. In the past few years, he has been working as a visitor assistant in Leeds, and has acquired invaluable experience assisting the public to learn about cultural heritage and history. Zsuzsa is a mum of one and a self-confessed higher education junkie, but will stop now that the PhD is done and dusted, promise! With degrees in Cultural Management, English, and Medieval Studies, as well as over a decade of experience in cultural marketing, she was just looking for an excuse to combine her passions for research, cultural heritage and travel.

Having lived in various countries across the globe, we are now turning the tables. We decided to settle down with our two-year old in Budapest, with a mission to make your stay as magical and rich as we see our beloved new hometown. Street & River is a tourism and leisure company, providing assistance, tours and accommodation for visitors to Budapest, with services primarily tailored to the needs of guests arriving from the United Kingdom.

This blog will follow the progress of our new enterprise from the very beginning, so we start with a polite request for you to start crossing those fingers… If you plan to have a holiday, business trip or some research bursary to squander in Budapest next year, you may want to keep an eye on us too – besides whinging/bragging/musing about our business, we will bring you interesting random facts, photos, maybe some literature and art, as well as completely irrelevant, but hopefully amusing tidbits from the heart of Hungary.

We are now in the administrative throes of starting a business while trying to pack way too many things into way too few boxes in Leeds, UK. We’ll keep you posted about our progress and hope to see you once we’re off the ground!

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